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Could this be your pathway forward?This is essentially a small business that has over the last seven (7) years operated, with part time staff with minimal hands-on involvement by the current owner, in a highly competitive environment. In the first 5 years of that operation leading up to the start of Covid 19, the business in general had year on year increments in sales and profitability which saw inter-island ferry and cruise ship passenger numbers far exceed expectations. In the two (2) years subsequent to Covid 19, sales have continued on that upward trend. With the owner having disposed of his other business interests in March 2021 and now turning his attention to this business, the major competitor in the area has closed down and there is an indication of some major corporations starting to engage with this business with the prospect of the customer base growing further particularly approaching the busy warmer months ahead. What that says is that this business has the ability to navigated itself through the challenges of Covid 19 lockdowns and in doing so not only maintained its upward sales trends but has, with the closure of its major competitor, reached the position where it can and does now dominate its marketplace going forward. All at a time when the business is potentially attracting some new high profile customers on the eve of the business' busy season.Disclaimer: - Please note for confidentiality purposes, this business has been listed under the RE/MAX PARTNERS office address. Further details on this business' location will be provided on application. The content of this advertisement must be read in the context of, and in conjunction with, the Information Memorandum in order to avoid any possible misinterpretation or misunderstanding caused by confidentiality considerations, advert space limitations and / or other limiting factors or generalizations including use of generic images. E-mail: - biz@business4me.co.nz or call 021-546-569 (but do it now!)