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Diversify Your Harvest, Multiply Your Returns

Discover the epitome of agribusiness excellence with this 37.6 hectare orchard nestled in the highly sought-after location of the Tasman region, boasting the perfect blend of nature's bounty. This diverse property showcases a symphony of apple, kiwifruit and hops all grown on fertile soils with good water rights.

Numerous apple varieties provide options and opportunity. With a proven track record of abundant yields, this segment of the property promises a fruitful investment.

The green and gold kiwifruit vines thrive in the favourable climatic conditions, ensuring a consistent harvest of these exotic delights. The orchard's commitment to excellence is reflected in the exceptional quality of its kiwifruit produce.

Elevate your investment with a flourishing hops cultivation, tapping into the booming craft beer industry. The orchard's hops fields contribute to the property's diversified income streams.

Positioned in a highly desirable location this orchard provides a conducive environment for the cultivation of premium produce. The property boasts excellent water rights, ensuring a reliable water supply for all cropping needs. The orchard has had consistent redevelopment over the years and has up to date varieties that bring good income in today's market.

The packhouse and cool store facility streamline the harvesting and storage processes, optimizing efficiency. Additionally, on-site workers' accommodation enhances operational convenience.

With a proven track record of robust returns, this orchard is not just a piece of land; it's a lucrative investment opportunity waiting to be seized.